Geriatric Care Doctors

North Shore Physicians Group offers exceptional geriatric care doctors.

North Shore Physicians Group (NSPG) offers older patients on Boston’s North Shore specialized services from geriatric care doctors. NSPG is a multi-specialty practice with more than 200 doctors, nurse practitioners and healthcare professionals. A geriatric care specialist with NSPG can diagnose and treat conditions and symptoms in older patients and provide screenings and preventive care. Our geriatric care doctors are board-certified in geriatric medicine and are experts in health care issues affecting the elderly. NSPG is affiliated with Salem Hospital, a member of Mass General Brigham.

Extended Care Services provided by NSPG geriatric care doctors

North Shore Physicians Group Extended Care offers primary care medicine for elderly patients residing in skilled nursing or long-term care facilities. Nurse practitioners and physician assistants provide a range of health care services and serve as a liaison to the patient’s geriatric care doctors and other specialists. Services provided by geriatric care doctors and nurse practitioners in this setting include:

  • Being on-call in and available 24/7 to deal with alerts from the nursing facility staff about a change in a patient’s medical status
  • Prescribing and ordering diagnostic tests
  • Diagnosing acute illnesses or injuries
  • Referring patients to outside specialists
  • Conducting routine physicals
  • Assisting in transitioning patients back to their primary care provider after they leave the facility

Additional services performed by NSPG geriatric care doctors and specialists

Geriatric care doctors at NSPG are able to consult with and refer patients to a variety of other specialists. NSPG specialties include endocrinology, gastroenterology, non surgical orthopedics, nephrology, neurosurgery, pulmonary medicine, and rheumatology. NSPG clinical services for patients include lab tests, radiology exams and bone density testing (a primary indicator of osteoporosis)

Other medical services available from NSPG

Beyond the care provided by our geriatric care doctors, NSPG offers many other specialties to patients of all ages. Immediate care for injuries and illnesses that are not life-threatening is provided at our urgent care center. We offer a number of options for primary care, including internal medicine doctors, family medicine specialists and a concierge medical practice. Concierge medicine physicians limit the number of patients they see in order to provide more time and faster access to care for their patients.