Concierge Medical Practice

A concierge medical practice provides expanded personal attention.

Patients in the North Shore region seeking a concierge medical practice will find exceptional concierge doctors at North Shore Physicians Group.

Concierge medicine is an approach to primary care that may appeal to patients who wish to have an expanded relationship with their primary care doctor. Physicians in a concierge medical practice see fewer patients than traditional primary care doctors, allowing them to spend more time and become more familiar with each patient.

Concierge medicine: an innovative model of primary care

A concierge medical practice typically charges patients an annual membership fee in addition to fees for medical services. In return, patients have more immediate access to the concierge physicians, longer appointment times, and a healthcare experience focused on custom preventive care.

Like patient-centered medical home and shared medical appointments, the concierge medical practice is an innovative approach to primary care that enables patients to personalize the way they receive medical attention.

The benefits of a concierge medical practice:

Patients who choose a primary care physician in our concierge medical practice are able to:

  • Schedule same-day and next-day medical appointments.
  • Get in touch with their doctor at any time of the day.
  • Develop a personal wellness plan that combines comprehensive evaluations and medical counseling with health and wellness goals.
  • Schedule appointments that last from 30 to 60 minutes and facilitate in-depth discussion of health concerns.
  • Access personal health records and health history online via a personalized web site.
  • Get preferred access to a spine specialist, infectious disease specialist and other specialists and experts at North Shore Medical Center, Massachusetts General Hospital and other hospitals in the Partners HealthCare network.

North Shore Physicians Group (NSPG) is a team of 200+ health care providers who are affiliated with North Shore Medical Center. We offer compassionate, high quality health care at offices throughout the North Shore, including our newly opened urgent care facility in Danvers. We have many internal medicine and family medicine physicians, along with our concierge medical practice, and many other specialties including obstetrics-gynecology, pediatric care, neurosurgery, rheumatology and many other medical disciplines.

Our concierge medical practices in Salem and Danvers offer patients extra time with their primary care physician, and a comprehensive approach to achieving their health and wellness goals. Patients at our concierge medical practice can contact their concierge doctor 24/7 (as needed) and enjoy medical appointments that last up to 60 minutes.