Family Medicine Doctor

Find a family medicine doctor through North Shore Physicians Group.

For patients living on the North Shore, North Shore Physicians Group (NSPG) offers a variety of primary care options, including family medicine doctor. Family medicine specialists are trained to provide for the primary care needs of all members of a family, from infants through adults. Family medicine doctors are an alternative to pediatricians for a family with children, and they can provide some of the basic preventive care that ob-gyn doctors or geriatric care doctors provide.

Your NSPG family medicine doctor offers preventive care, annual checkups, age-appropriate screenings and vaccinations. When specialty consultations are needed, your family medicine doctor can refer you to medical or surgical specialists at North Shore Medical Center, Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, or to other physicians within the Partners HealthCare network.

The benefits of choosing a family medicine doctor.

In addition to providing primary care through a family medicine doctor, NSPG offers other kinds of innovative approaches to primary care, including concierge medicine and shared medical appointments.

When you select a family medicine doctor as your primary care physician, you’ll have the benefit of meeting most of your family’s health needs through a single medical practice. Adults, children and infants can all be seen at one time in back-to-back appointments, and communication about your family medical issues will all flow through the same provider.

Because your family medicine doctor will see your entire family, he or she will have a better grasp of your family health history and the health dynamics between generations. This leads to a clearer understanding of potential medical issues and more consistent care over time.

Why choose a family medicine doctor with NSPG?

With more than 200 outstanding physicians, nurse practitioners and other healthcare professionals, North Shore Physicians Group offers compassionate and high-quality care at convenient locations throughout the North Shore region.

Choosing an NSPG family medicine doctor offers a number of benefits. In addition to the convenience of finding a physician close to home or work, you’ll have access to Patient Gateway, a secure electronic online portal that connects you to your family medicine doctor as well as to our other specialty care practices. Through Patient Gateway, you can view your medical records, request prescription refills, make appointments, and communicate easily with your physicians. Additionally, every family medicine doctor at NSPG uses electronic health records, ensuring that every medical professional within our network has access to your complete, up-to-date medical information.

Use the Find a Doctor search on our website to find a pulmonary medicine physician, for example, or for a specialist like a spine surgeon¸ OB-GYN physician or endocrinologist.