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Shared Medical Appointments

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North Shore Physicians Group (NSPG) offers shared medical appointments for patients with a variety of diseases or conditions. Selected NSPG  physicians offer 90-minute appointments, which are conducted in a group setting with a physician, multidisciplinary team and six to ten other patients.

Individual consultations and benefits of shared appointments

Shared medical appointment patients also receive an individual consultation and review of medications or tests. During the shared appointment, patients get the benefit of the group education session and of sharing the experiences of other patients. All participating patients sign a confidentiality agreement.

Current shared medical appointments include:

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Can You Get More from Your Checkup If You Share It with Strangers?

"Allison has a roomful of observers who feel her pain—almost literally. Around her, in a loose semicircle, are three other patients with back problems awaiting their own turns with the doctor, Terence Doorly, MD. They're all first-time patients of his and have signed up to see him in a group session. They watch as Doorly, an energetic neurosurgeon, tests Allison's reflexes, then pulls up her latest MRI scans and points to the large herniated disk near the base of her spine. They learn, along with Allison, that this is the root of her pain, and that she'll likely need surgery."  Read more

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