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Same-Day Sick Appointments

NSPG patients may make a same-day sick appointment with their primary care physician or visit North Shore Urgent Care. They may also make an appointment with Dr. Kolli in our Lynn practice

Although we always want our patients to be healthy we know that sometimes that is not the case. When you are not feeling your best our team is here to help you feel better. Our patients have several options for same-day sick appointments.

Primary Care Physician

Our primary care physicians have openings in their schedules for same-day sick appointments for their patients. If you are not feeling well and wish to see your primary care physician, you may make a same-day sick appointment by calling his or her office. Please be advised that same-day sick appointments tend to book up fast.

Urgent Care, Danvers

North Shore Urgent Care in Danvers offers immediate care for non-life-threatening medical conditions. Our experienced, compassionate staff are led by board-certified physicians and health care providers who treat cold and flu, sore throats, minor burns, bruises, minor fractures as well many other conditions.

Same-Day Sick Appointments, Lynn office

Dr. Smita Kolli in our Lynn practice is available to adult NSPG patients. Her office is conveniently located on the Union Hospital Campus in Lynn. Since all NSPG physicians are connected by one electronic medical record, Dr. Kolli has access to your record and can stay in contact with your primary care physician to share results.

Online booking now available!

Click the orange button to reserve your spot in line for a same-day sick appointment with Dr. Smita Kolli in our Lynn practice

Dr. Kolli has same-day sick appointments for NSPG patients only.